"Mariam" a new satellite channel from Tele Lumiere that holds its identity and reflects its image. It is a live tribune that transmits the voice of women to the whole world and encourages the development of societies.

It serves equality and exchange since women, who are created to be life givers and persons of peace, do not enjoy their full rights and are still absent especially in the public sector.

Mariam channel works on changing deviant behaviors and emphasizing the capacities of women at all levels.

Mariam channel spreads the culture of life, plants the seeds of hope and builds bridges of peace and communication.

Mariam channel is devoted to broadcasting programs that raise awareness and spread education rather than violent and erotic programs.

It is called "Mariam" since "Mariam", the Holy Mother of God and the Divine Mercy on earth, gathers around her Christians and Muslims.

Middle East, North Africa and Europe
Orbital Location: 7° west
Transponder : 129
Downlink Frequency: 11,096
Downlink Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500
Fec 5/6