From the East, the light of Christ shone and reached the whole world. From it, the celestial religions spread; and in it, the incense of the Oriental Churches emanates with all their diversity, and the richness of their rites and liturgies, in order to reflect in faith the identity of their people, culture and traditions.

Nour Sharq was established to be the voice of each church allowing it to declare its identity, reflect its realities and reveal its treasures and deep heritage.

Nour Sharq joins Tele Lumiere satellites besides Noursat and all emerging satellites:
  • It is the special satellite for the Oriental Churches affairs, its programs are distributed equally among all churches regarding the broadcast range and the organization time and contents.
  • Nour Sharq seeks to strengthen the relations of the immigrants of Eastern origins with their Churches in their homelands to preserve their rites and traditions in faith, to remain deep-rooted in a land where faith of the 1st apostles and of ancestors emerged, in all Eastern countries from Lebanon, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Jordan, to Palestine and all holy lands in this East.
"Nour Sharq, a new light in the space of faith that will not be extinguished"
Middle East, North Africa and Europe
Orbital Location: 7° west
Transponder : 129
Downlink Frequency: 11,096
Downlink Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500
Fec 5/6