Mon 30 Apr 2012

Noursat, New Birth near the River of Jordan
(Rita Karam - Telelumiere) The Christian media has been always brilliant in the world of social communications and this time it shines in Jordan, with the opening of Noursat new office to raise again the banner of freedom and truth in the East, the cradle of Christianity, and to spread from the vicinity of the Baptismal site, the Good News in Jordan and the region. Thus, Noursat added to its highborn history a new birth at the service of evangelization.

The opening was held in Jordan, in the attendance and under the auspices of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, the Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli represented by Fr. Ramsin al-Hajj, a delegation from Lebanon headed by Archbishop Boulos Matar representing Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai, Tele Lumiere Chairman of the Board Bishop Roland Abou Jaoudé with Noursat Chairman of the Board and Tele Lumiere and Noursat General Manager Mr. Jacques Kallassi, the Programs Director Mary- Therese Kreidy, the Director of the Catholic Media Center in Lebanon Fr. Abdo Abou Kasem, the Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches Fr. Paul Rouhana, in addition to an official, religious and media figures. The event included as well the opening of the Centre for Catholic Studies and Media in Jordan and the launching of the “Abouna” website.

During the ceremony, Kallassi confirmed once again Noursat’s sublime mission in this world that faces huge risks as if a monster seized it to spoil people, asking the most important question "How can we imagine the continuity of history in a world where motives of personal interests, material values ​​and the satisfaction of pleasures are growing? In a world where God is put aside? Isn’t time for the Arab nation to come back and lead the race for progress, knowledge and development? As well, Kallassi underlined the superficiality that distorts media and manipulation that has become an explicit factor to "poison God's creation," calling for "kings wise men" that are "decent communicators" to "pay attention not only to the present problems but also to the next troubles”, so “that the human being is not anymore “who dominates” the nature and life, but “who is entrusted with them”.

The Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches Fr. Paul Rouhana praised Noursat, the free tribune for all churches and interfaith dialogue, and the alive media witness for the sake of the human being everywhere, asserting that "the Christian media practiced by every Church alone has to be ecumenical… so that communicators witness… that they are responsible for “all” and entrusted with "all", because Christ is present in "all”.

Patriarch Fouad Twal considered this occasion a positive response to the recommendations of the Catholic Church Synod for the Middle East calling for "attention to media as a way to enlighten the public opinion, to educate faith, promote the Christians’ unity and the values ​​of citizenship and equality, dialogue between Muslims and Christians, a serious and honest dialogue, based on respect for Human Rights, pluralism and healthy co-existence."

The head of the center Fr. Refaat Bader expressed "the importance of the center’s role in spreading love which brings together the Jordanian society, without exception", recalling the functions of the center, explaining that it includes the website of “Abouna” and the office of Noursat Jordan, which broadcasts from Beirut.

The Director of Noursat Office in Jordan Bassima Semaan revealed the goal of the office in "serving the Good News, peace and reconciliation" from the vicinity of the Jordan River. This is an important message underlined frequently by the Pope and asserted again by the Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan Archbishop Giorgio Lingua and Fr. Ramsin al-Hajj representing the President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, through the tasks performed by Noursat and “Abouna” Center to promote communication, dialogue, mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people of all religions.

The ceremony was followed by a dinner gathering Noursat’s family in Jordan and the delegation coming from the main TV station in Lebanon when souvenirs and gifts were exchanged on this occasion.