Member of the family of Tele Lumiere – Nour Sat.

A satellite station that gathers a variety of eight stations:

The Watchful: A satellite station speaking on behalf of the people with special needs and seeking to achieve their aspirations.It highlights the capabilities and gifts (talents) they have and opens in front of them the required space in the world of media. It protects their rights, unifies them and stands up against their marginalization.

Nour Drama: specialized in the display of serials and religious, historical, humanitarian and social films. It aimsto promote drama, to encourage talents and to endorse stars’ writers’ and artists’ creativity.

Nour Life: specialized in the display of scientific films, documentaries and cultural programs and aims to strengthen faith, spread science and knowledge, to go far in the depths of the human civilization and to fathom the universe.

Nour UHD: specialized in the discussion of human and international issues and in unifying visions. It suggests, in a Christian mindset, solutions to the problems that face people, the family and the society.

Nour Love: It is a platform for the holy love, committed marriage and for the emotional relationships bathing in the divine blessing.

Nour Spirit: It transmits the whispers of the Spirit and the abundance of graces and gifts.

Nour of Saints: It displays biographies ofprophets, Fathers of the Church, saints and men and women of God. It strengthens faith and develops the trend to love and the yearning to holiness and to life according to the will of God.

Nour Music: Chinnereth of joy and peace. Beacon of prayer and praise. It sows tranquility in souls and hope in a life full of hardships.

Orbital Location: 8° west
Downlink Frequency: 10892
Downlink Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500
Fec 5/6