Member of the family of Tele Lumiere – Nour Sat.

Customized news station that monitors developments and events of interest to people and touch their daily life.

It is a station holding a Christian, civilized and purposeful message. It gets inspiration, for its programs, from the spirituality of the Gospel and the Lord Jesus’s Messianic revolution. It encourages peace, brotherhood and solidarity. It counters corruption, terrorism and injustice. It rises against war, human trafficking and destruction of societies and civilizations.

It is transcontinental and goes beyond sectarian, linguistic and ethnic barriers. It is a platform for goodand hope. An echo to the truth, an oasis of human rights.

Orbital Location: 8° west 
Downlink Frequency: 12604 
Downlink Polarization: Vertical 
Symbol Rate: 27500 
Fec 5/6